Kelsey & Zack


I have been looking forward to Kelsey & Zack’s wedding since the day I met them in April! I was able to meet them through one of my other brides, so that was completely awesome. They are such amazing people full of love, so kind and they just have fun spirts. Charlie & I arrived at The George Washington A Wyndham Grand Hotel, super gorgeous right in the center of downtown Winchester. When we arrived we were greeted by such a beautiful bride, so full of joy. Everyone could see how happy she was, smile from ear to ear. We started by shooting all her cute details. Kelsey had a bag full and ready for us. We had beautiful ribbons, the invitation to their magical day and sentimental items. They both share a big love for The Legend Of Zelda & Harry potter.We could definitely see that in Kelsey’s earrings, Zack’s cufflinks & tie clip. As Kelsey was getting ready getting finishing touches on her hair, Zack’s brother knocked on the door to deliver a gift….. it was a handwritten note. It was such a cute note that made everyone in the room tear up, all you could hear was Kelsey reading it and the sniffles in the background.

This wedding was so incredible to photograph & film. The whole day was cloudy, and as the ceremony progressed big bright sun came out from behind the clouds. we took flawless family portraits, bridal party portraits & of course gorgeous portraits of the new Mr. & Mrs. LEWIS!!!! Everyone danced through the night, enjoying each others company. Their bridal party and all the guests were so enthusiastic to have been apart of this magical day.

Kelsey & Zack: I just absolutely adore you guys. It was so fun and such a privilege to have been able to capture your wedding day. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures!! ( I couldn’t choose)

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